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A True Business Partner.

Ecotarius has been built on the foundations of trust and a passion for saving and reducing energy wherever possible. With over 20 years of distribution experience, we supply commercial, corporate and governments with eco solutions worldwide.

Everything we do is performed with a professional approach to saving and reducing energy, and our aim is to pass this on to our extensive global customers.

We look at every possible product invention to see if there is a sustainable advantage to the reduction in energy using waste management, biomass, wind, solar, hydro etc, from the very small to the outrageously large.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

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What We Do

Pro-active research into any inventor or manufacturer that can provide a quality product or solution is where we focus our main attention. We are then in a position to offer and supply these items directly to our valued global client base.

We import the best quality Eco products from some of the worlds leading manufacturers, and deliver these items directly to you at the very best possible price. All products come with a manufacturers warranty, and we back this up with a No Quibble replacement on like for like products, subject to our terms and conditions. ECOTARIUS Limited is a company you can trust and rely on everyday, with exceptional customer support, express delivery and no red tape. Give us a try with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Reaching Over 5 Million People with Ecotarius

Our mailing list exceeds 5 million people, which by any standards is an extensive range of people that may want to view or buy your product. Let us advertise, distribute and sell your product on a global scale.

Are You An Inventor?

Inventions are what helps keeps the world turning, but an Eco Invention is something to be exceptionally proud of. Let us help you with this and promote your product to a global audience.

Are You A Manufacturer?

Any Eco Manufacturer of products and solutions are welcome. We actively promote the very best in every area of energy saving solutions.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Every invention, product or solution is kept strictly confidential. We provide an assurance with a non-disclosure agreement to protect you, your product and us from any wrong doings. We build all our relationships on trust and integrity.

Your Invention, Product or Solution

If your product is of reasonable size, please send this directly to us as a sample. Enclose your address if you require the return.

For larger items, and multiple items, you can either send these to us as samples, or we will arrange an inspection visit to your premises – anywhere in the world.